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The Jalan Group about varanasi

Varanasi, the cultural and heritage capital of India, is older than legend and one of the continuously inhabited city of the world, which is situated on the left of river Ganges. According to a mythology Varanasi resides on the Trident of lord Shiva.

Varanasi is also known as Benares and Kashi, is famous for its spiritual culture, salvation and has been a learning hub from the ages. This city is live fusion of history and belief.Even Mark twain ones wrote that- Benares is older than History, older than Tradition, older even than Legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together.

The only city of its kind where death is celebrated as festival and it is believed that one who dies in Varanasi receives Heaven. Kalbhairav is the proctor of city and it is believed that without his consent no body can enter or leave the city. In Varanasi Vibhuti is graced equivalent to jewellery and Kaupinam worth more than silk cloth.

This city has gifted Magnates Like Pt. Ravishankar (sitar maestro), Ustad Bismillah khan (Shehenai), Sitaradevi (Classical dancer), Girija Devi (Thumari singer), Acharya Ramchandra Shukla, Pt. kishan Maharaj (Tabla player), Bhartendu Harishchandra and many more to the country.

Benarsees are quite affable and Down to earth persons who posses joie de vivre and in spite of fast moving culture youth profile still respect and is associated with tradition.

There is a famous axiom about Varanasi which expresses the desire of People of Varanasi-
Chana, Chabena, Gangjal Jo purve kartar,
Kashi kabhoon na chhadiye Vishwanath darbar.

Benarsees have strong appetite for multifacious food item, one may try finger licking tangy, spicy North Indian foods and snacks at Dhabas.
Benares is also famous for Langda aam (variety of mango available in summer) Benarsee Paan, Pickles, Malaiyo (ice cream without ice) and Thandai (a natural coolant). Sunrise along the riverside of Ganges (Subhe-Benares) is majestic enough to make lingering mark on ones psyche.

Varnasi is one of the most amusing tourist destinations on the earth for discerning globe trotters. Varanasi with its multifaceted characters has endless room for the travelers coming from far and wide.

The cultural life of this city of fairs, festivals, and feasts is associated with river Ganges. Because of its rich cultural heritage festivals and events of Varanasi occur all the year round &is celebrated with religious fervor.The Ghats are crowded and the whole city evokes a whole sense of life, energy and spirit. However without plunging into its culture it’s not easy for one to feel the magic of Varanasi.