Clean Ganga

The Jalan Group Social Projects

The Ganga, especially, is the river of India, beloved of her people, round which are intertwined her memories, her hopes and fears, her songs of triumph, her victories and her defeats. She has been a symbol of India's age-long culture and civilization, ever changing, ever flowing, and yet ever the same Ganga.”

Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India, born in Allahabad

Despite being the river of historic and scientific importance having a big role in the life and psyche of every Indian, with its unique, extraordinary and mysterious ability to retain oxygen, Ganga has been considered one of the dirtiest rivers in the world. Due to commercial exploitation its pollution level is rising continuously.

So the Jalan Group planned a 7 days Project- Clean Ganga which was carried out with the combined efforts of employees of the group as well as students of “Vanvasi Kshatravas” .The volunteers picked up litter, removed corpses, animal carcasses and other non bio degradable pollutants from the river. The campaign further gained momentum when local people also joined in to clean the river. Somewhere this campaign aimed to instil in the masses that Ganga is a national heritage and it is our responsibility to keep it clean. Though we were successful in Varanasi, we hope the Clean Ganga campaign becomes a national effort.

Women Empowerment

The Jalan Group Social Projects

Since the wind of change is sweeping across the globe in which women are marking major contribution and there is strong need of empowering them at the grass root level. With the support of Surabhi research centre we provide platform to unexposoured talent of these rural women under the head-Mahila Udyamita Vikas Kendra.

Volunteers of Surabhi research center introduced Learn and earn program for these menial women, in which training related with stitching different type of dresses under the head Silai Prashikshan Kendra embroidery & designing on Ladies Suit,Saree,Making pickle, Papad Snacks etc.

Our group helps in continuous evolving process of women because of which these women have made a number of gains in variety of spheres. The result of empowerment of women in this area is amazing and it has helped in raising the economic and social status of women. Mahila Udyamita Vikas Kendra is a source of inspiration, income and similarly a big backbone support to all those women associated with it.


The Jalan Group Social Projects

With support of group Surabhi Goshala,and others acts for betterment of cows. At present these goshalas serve 1500 cows and in two decades it has prevented approximately 60,000 cows from slaughter house. Theses goshalas are dedicated towards preventing indigenous varieties of cows-Ganga tiri, Gir, Haryana etc. Cow dung thus obtained has helped astoundingly in converting acres of barren land into fertile land Further this dung is also used for producing Gobar gas and various types of indigenous fertilizers like-Gobar compost khad, Samanvay khad , Nadep khad , Slurry khad, Jhatpat khad etc.

Milk as well as other milk products obtained from these cows is made available to people through Goras Bhandar It was another effort to balance both traditional and contemporary. Innovation and excellence in our business and services has always been our foray.

Shivratri Sangeet Mahotasava

The Jalan Group Social Projects

The Jalan Group believes not just in social development but gives equal weightage to cultural development of the society. Since 1992 it organises Shivratri Sangeet Mahotsava in the auspicious presence of famous saint Pujya Rameshbhai Oza Ji. The audience gets a chance to be mesmerized by the performance of maestros as well as it gives a platform to amateurs to showcase their talent. It has become one of the most awaited events in Varanasi’s cultural calendar. The audience comprises of local people and foreigners also. The Mahotsava spans over a period of three days in which all three forms of music- dance, vocal and instrumental can be enjoyed.

The famous maestros who have performed on this occasion are: Ustaad Zakir Hussain Sahab, Pandit Jasraj ji, Padmavibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj Ji, Pandit Shivkumar Sharma ji, Ustaad Amzad Ali Khan Sahab, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia Ji, Late Pandit Kelucharan Ji Mahapatra, Late Padmavibhushan Pandit Kishan Maharaj Ji and the list goes on. Late Pandit Kishan Maharaj ji was closely associated with the program performing several times and gracing the event with his presence.

Seth Kisorilal Jalan Saraswati Shisu Mandir and Higher Secondry School

The Jalan Group Social Projects

In continuation of its effort of serving the society at large, the Jalan group has been instrumental in establishment of school for serving the rural base children.

The group has formed Seth Kisorilal Jalan Seva trust to properly execute such needed project. To recognize such budding excellence, to build good character and to promote the concept of responsible and active citizen so that that they can contribute in the development of our society and nation.

This school is situated at Chakka Harahua near the bank of river Varuna (15 km. far from the Varanasi city). Since its inception in 1995 it has played a big role in improving the academic status towards grooming the personality of its students. The school is having hostel facility, which helps in continuing smooth schooling of students from distant area.

Students start their day from Morning Prayer which helps them in gaining focused approach towards the aim of their life. Time to time yoga classes are organized through they gain sound physical and mental status.

To inculcate team spirit and logical thinking among the students occasionally cultural programs, science exhibitions and other group activities are organized. School is dedicated towards making the students get acquainted with our culture and to inculcate these values in their day to day life, so as to build good character and true citizen of nation.